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21. México.
"What was the whole wide world but a place for people to yearn for their heart's impossible desires, for those desires to become entrenched in defiance of logic, plausibility, and even the passage of time, as eternal as polished marble.”

Diego Pablo Simeone and Fernando Torres’ crossed paths at Atlético de Madrid.

"I feel like I will be forever tied to Atlético. It’s all about that feeling when I step into the pitch and feel something… something that can’t be explained with words. It’s something I feel very deep inside of me and that I know I’ll never be able to feel anywhere else. Atlético made me, they gave me a name, an identity. The most important thing for me is to leave something meaningful in life, a legacy, and I do feel like in my time at Atlético I have left… something.” - Diego Simeone.

"I belong to Atlético. In the end you belong to one club, and one club only. You can love a few, you can be grateful to some, but the one you choose to belong to is only one. I think Atlético represents very useful values in life, they’ve certainly been useful to me, even though I play for Chelsea now, a much more settled club, a club from a higher social class. But I still stand by the values I learned at Atlético when I was still a child, which contrary to popular belief, are not about victimizing yourself or about deeming yourself inferior from everybody else, but about fighting and getting through things relying only in who you are as a person and what you have to offer. A lot times failure can be turned into a victory. And what is better or more beautiful than defending and standing by your values until the very end, and not only to succeed, but to do it in the way you wanted to?" - Fernando Torres

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