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"What was the whole wide world but a place for people to yearn for their heart's impossible desires, for those desires to become entrenched in defiance of logic, plausibility, and even the passage of time, as eternal as polished marble.”
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ugh that’s what the ‘special one’ ‘left’ in Madrid… he turned them all in a bunch of kids/brats!

u know it

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Yeah it happened a few days ago. 101greatgoals.com/blog/… To be honest, I don’t know much either.

"Amazingly, Casillas ‘liked’ this message, which naturally didn’t go down well with Arbeloa, who was referred to as a cone in the message for being so slow, and he replied with his own bit of passive aggressive social media behaviour."

"The defender Retweeted a new book called ‘Subversive Madrid’, which apparently goes against Diego Torres’ anti-Mourinho thesis, and blames Casillas for all of Madrid’s ills, even calling the club captain a ‘tumor’ on Real Madrid."

extremely entertaining for neutrals tho

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i saw iker’s likes on instagram and thought the same you do but then arbeloa upgraded himself and retweeted some quotes about criticism towards iker to then have to ‘apologized’ later smh so tired!

¿¿??? jfc

seems like they’re purposely trying to out do each other’s pettiness lordt

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Anonymous: Wait, what did hazard say ? I haven't rad anything. As for Ba, I'm not surprised he is bitter. His quote was not only directed at Torres/Mourinho but Eto'o as well, but the media of course chose to interprets is as Torres only as usual. As for the continued ire towArds him! I'm convinced that if here were ugly this wouldn't be so intense! as silly as that sounds. Jealousy is a very strong emotion.

"Diego can score, and that is good for me, now I can concentrate on making passes for him." again, it doesn’t sound like he’s deliberately attacking fernando but many people have interpreted it that way (and have used it to continue shitting on him). I still don’t know what ba said but I take it his criticism was directed towards chelsea’s striker management or smth?

ha I also think there’s some type of sexual element involved in this whole thing. while it’s not the main factor it definitely plays a part in how people perceive him/they way they choose to insult him. 

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I love Iker but he’s not a saint either. The fact that he liked those posts on instagram that were dissing Lopez and Arbeloa for example. I don’t know but I find the whole thing hilarious. They act like 12 year olds. :D

oh hi there

other than what meets the eye/what it’s clear for all to see (their public demeanor and how they choose to behave when there are cameras around), I’m admittedly ignorant of what’s gone down. I never knew iker also took part in those instagram shenanigans yikes. it’s so ridiculous and petty I can only be glad it’s not happening in the club I support. these are grown men ffs

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his and his bff attitudes are pathetic! they think they’re the cool kids but people is starting to see through their sh*t! IF iker is leaving, they’re too and probably through the back door

I just- how can a grown man be so idiotically unprofessional and childish? does it not cross his mind this could seriously affect him/his club on a greater scale? does he value his sensitive bb pride above all that? it’s been what, over a year now?? men tbh

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"Alvaro Arbeloa neglects to greet Captain Iker Casillas ahead of the 1st leg of the Supercopa VS Atlético Madrid."

not my club not my favs not my business but lmfaooo at this pos right here

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#iker's attitude through this whole thing tho bow

I truly feel like I’ve contributed something positive to the world when people reblog my miles gifsets and tag them with “omg real life siruis black” like

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Anonymous: P1 "Debuting Costa lifts Chelsea up and fits with the team the way Fernando Torres never could" Why? Why! Why. What has he ever fucking done to all of these journalists? Suarez is a racist piece of shit yet they all love him. Has Fernando fucked all of their wives? They don't seem to have a problem with JT. I simply don't get it. Why don't they back off? Haven't they achieved their mission of shitty journalism or whatever it may be? I just don't understand this compulsive need to go after him.

"P2. Every day. Like it’s not even funny anymore not like it ever was but I fail to understand their agenda. You’ve proven your point why do you keep persisting? Why are they so obsessed with him? It’s obsessive as fuck at this point."

to answer your question “what has he ever done to all of these journalists?”, he’s been pretty cold towards them, has denied them interviews to their faces, has ignored them countless of times/walked past them and given interviews to journalists from other nationalities right next to them, has been snarky as fuck during post match interviews, etc. all of this started happening well after they’d turned against him though, but it was his extreme no-nonsense attitude what prompted their relentless viciousness. and in -what I assume- an act of truly misguided and agenda-driven “solidarity” towards their butthurt peers, all of the other petty media hacks joined in the hate. but like you said, suarez is a piece of shit and many others like him have done truly questionable shit and they’re more than willing to look past that so it’s no fucking excuse for just how brutal they’ve become. 

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first match, first yellow card and -almost- everyone was ‘poor thing! ‘it wasn’t his fault!’ ‘so unfair’ ugh… patiently waiting for his big fuck up! Also the butt-kissing part *barf noises*

and he got it for trying to pick up a fight at that. such is the nature of assholes bb, their foulness always comes forward in the end (totes a Hobbit quote don’t mind me).

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