well i’m praying for her because she’s clearly the naive sort who has never witnessed a woman’s opinions on football get shut down by your run of the mill male football fan simply bc she’s a she. lol no i’m not, i hope she learns it the hard way

mte, that or she’s the type who needs extreme male validation and the simplest way to get it is by putting down every female who also happens to be a fan and dares to like a good looking player.

your phone may be involved in a huge conspiracy against you. apply to suarez for more info about it tbh, he’s a victim of one. men who shame fangirls on here clearly never met a middle aged guy who’s a season ticket holder, anyone can be plastic

being the conspiracy pro he is at this point I’m sure he could tell me exactly what’s wrong ita, he should probably start taking appointments from people and teach them his ways when it comes to bullshitting one’s way through life. I think that person in the tag was a girl tbh and it’s even sadder when women do it to each other :c

lmao never saw that because my blocking > your blocking. awh i’m kidding ofc. people who run “serious” sports blogs on tumblr are the least aware of people. make a twitter account and get out.

listen LISTEN something weird def happened because while I could see the post on my phone, when I checked the tag on my computer it wasn’t there soo I might’ve actually blocked the person okay??? lol ofc your blocking skills have always been superior bb. fangirl-shaming aside (which the post included sadly) I ain’t even mad anymore 


lulzy commentary on the torres tag, as per usual. op was talking about how she/he doesn’t like him bc he’s not a good player/the player he was before and then made that remark. I can’t imagine how much time and effort must’ve taken her/him to reach that groundbreaking conclusion tbh

"that’s what I could conclude after comparing his old and current performance on pitch"

Jessica Chastain featured in Vogue’s ‘Fire Starters’ editorial, 2014 

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz 

Liv Tyler 

© Piermarco Menini 

Detailing, Chanel Haute Couture, Fall 2014 │ via Fashionising

To us, and a wonderful evening of lovemaking.